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I have been talking in newsletters about how teachers at Gulgong Public School have been implementing Learning Goals and Success Criteria into lessons. This week I have included an example of what these look like in a classroom.

As you can see students from Year 6 are learning how to find and list equivalent fractions. That is their learning goal for the lesson. To be successful students then need to fulfil the success criteria. In this case, the first step is that they can simplify and compare fractions. They can then use the simple rule (what you do to the top you do to the bottom) to find an equivalent fraction. Finally, they have to be able to use a diagram to show this learning.

In this way, students have pathways to success and even if they can only do one of these things then they have achieved success in that lesson. Success criteria also allow for the lesson to be made accessible for all students. Some may achieve all the success and others may only achieve 1 area. Thank you to Mrs Deagon for allowing us to use her learning goal and success criteria as examples this week. I will continue to show others from all classes throughout the year.